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Commitment to Quality

New Electrical & Mechanical Company LLC, NEMC is dedicated to continually strive for leadership and competitiveness in regional and international markets, while growing and developing both current and potential customers. We are centered towards achieving superior customer satisfaction and structuring innovative solutions that will ensure long-term value to our customers, stakeholders, employees and suppliers.


Our aim is to

  1. Understand, meet and exceed customer’s emerging requirements for the quality of products and services with compliance to regulatory standards.
  2. Improve products and services quality, internal controls and processes, customer satisfaction levels whilst enhancing the business management process.
  3. Encourage employee participation and contribution in the business development by knowledge sharing through healthy and transparent working environments.
  4. Continue to foster a culture of continuous improvement by establishing quality objectives throughout integrity and periodic reviews.
  5. Promote and maintain product and process safety standards that eliminate risks to our employees, the environment and our customers.


Shahbaz Latif
Managing Director
Nemc Group of Companies